Stefanie Stichhan: 3 Questions – 3 Facts!
8/11/2021 Interview

Stefanie Stichhan: 3 Questions – 3 Facts!

A portrait of the HOLZ-HANDWERK team. Today: Organisational specialist Stefanie Stichhan

Picture Stefanie Stichhan Stefanie Stichhan is Manager Organization and Exhibitor Support at HOLZ-HANDWERK and has been working at NürnbergMesse since August 2001. // © NürnbergMesse

What moment during HOLZ-HANDWERK do you not want to miss?

Most colleagues look forward to the starting signal for every trade fair and, of course: the feeling when our hall doors finally open after almost two years of preparation is great! Personally, however, I always look forward to the second day of the exhibition the most, when the commotion has quieted down a bit, little things have been smoothed out, and I have plenty of time to wander through the halls and meet satisfied exhibitors who are in constant contact with customers and therefore only notice me out of the corner of their eyes. Then I feel satisfied, which gives me the necessary momentum for the remaining two days of the fair! 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the fair: What are your favourite tasks before and after the fair? 

I really enjoy customer service, whether verbally on the phone or in writing by e-mail. I'm most pleased when I can help an exhibitor and perhaps make the customer's trade fair attendance even more successful. Especially in the preparation-intensive months and weeks shortly before HOLZ-HANDWERK, there is an incredible amount to discuss, explain and optimise. No request is the same as the one before, and so my days are very varied and actually instructive for me after so many years working in the exhibition industry.

What do you appreciate about the exhibitors at HOLZ-HANDWERK?

I always meet our exhibitors in a friendly, uncomplicated and open-minded way – it's simply a dream to work together with such collegial customers. HOLZ-HANDWERK not only lives from the good cooperation with us in the event team and with the departments involved at NürnbergMesse: Our exhibitors are simply part of the family, many have been with us since the first issue of the exhibition – you can feel this shared history and it is great fun to be part of such a great project.

What you probably didn't know about Stefanie Stichhan:

My favorite place to travel abroad for work is...
... Italy, where NürnbergMesse also has a subsidiary and which is the country with the most exhibitors and visitors at HOLZ-HANDWERK after Germany.

Fun Fact: 
In my 20 years at NürnbergMesse, I have already been in charge of 10 different trade fairs at our company! 

Personal motto in life and at work: 
"Give everything but up!"


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