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Wood working machinery
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Woodworking machinery

Innovative machines for secondary processing, as well as solutions for one-off production, mass production and craft businesses. Learn more about new developments in woodworking at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair.

Two males are inspecting a sawing machine.

The HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair offers a wide range of woodworking machines for secondary processing, such as sawing, milling, drilling, cutting and edge banding.

These range from simple hand-held circular saws to complex furniture production lines for batch size one and overall concepts of lines for the production of sawn timber, chipboard and many other wood products.

The pressure to rationalise, for example in sawn timber or furniture production, due to significantly rising material costs for wood and adhesives, as well as the lack of qualified skilled personnel, also ensures innovative processes time and again.

Solutions are offered for individual production as well as mass production, both for craft businesses and highly industrialised production lines.

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