HOLZ-HANDWERK | Tools, grinding & polishing aids
A robot arm grinds a wooden surface with a grinding machine.
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Tools, grinding and polishing aids

Discover the world of professional woodworking with the high-quality tools and tool systems at HOLZ-HANDWERK. From sanding and polishing products to sanding machines and accessories, everything needed for precise and efficient woodworking will be on display.

A machined wooden handrail is presented.
A wide range of tools and tool systems for professional machining of wood and wood-based materials will be presented at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair. These tools and tool systems are of high quality and enable precise and efficient machining of wood and wood-based materials. They include sanding and polishing products such as sanding discs, sanding belts, sandpaper, polishing pads and brushes, sanding pastes and creams, as well as various tools such as sanding machines, polishing machines, sanding jigs and stands, sanding and polishing attachments and accessories.

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