Valentina Gilardoni: 3 Questions – 3 Facts!
3/16/2023 Interview

Valentina Gilardoni: 3 Questions – 3 Facts! 

A portrait of the HOLZ-HANDWERK team: Today: Valentina Gilardoni, Project Manager and Italian representative for the trade fairs HOLZ-HANDWERK, FENSTERBAU FRONTALE and GaLaBau at NürnbergMesse Italia.

Valentina Gilardoni Valentina Gilardoni, 33, is Project Manager as well as the Italian representative for the trade fairs FENSTERBAU FRONTALE, HOLZ-HANDWERK and GaLaBau.

“3 Questions – 3 Facts” goes international: We asked our colleagues from our subsidiaries and international representatives three questions. Get to know the people behind HOLZ-HANDWERK.

What do you appreciate most about working with your colleagues from NürnbergMesse?

I love the environment both in the Italian office and in Nuremberg, as well as meeting with the international representatives: Everyone is always so supportive and easy-going it makes the work a real pleasure!

What do you find the most exciting about trade fairs?

Every fair is a world of its own, they are ever-changing! It’s exciting to find out the novelties of specific sectors, learn from masters, have the chance to make interesting encounters and most of all to make people meet and establish new relations!

What do you find particularly exciting about your work?

It’s a kind of work with many encounters, I love being in touch with so many people from all over the world and meeting them on different occasions, while acknowledging progress and improvements of the sectors they work in. One always gets to learn something new! Also, every day is unique as there are so many different tasks to accomplish – it’s impossible to get bored!

I particularly enjoy travelling to this country for work:

Germany, of course!

A fun fact about myself:

I've been collecting business cards for fun since I was little – obviously, I aptly do it for work now!

My personal motto in life and at work:

Keep learning, keep growing!


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