Stefan Dittrich: 3 Questions – 3 Facts!
10/13/2021 Interview

Stefan Dittrich: 3 Questions – 3 Facts!

A portrait of the HOLZ-HANDWERK team. Today: Executive Director Stefan Dittrich

Picture Stefan Dittrich Stefan Dittrich is Head of HOLZ-HANDWERK and has been with NürnbergMesse since 2002. // © NürnbergMesse

What is the best moment for you during HOLZ-HANDWERK?

When customers smile at me on the last day of the fair, exhausted but happy and satisfied, I know: once again we have given everything and carried out a successful event together! Preparing and running a trade fair demands a lot from us as organisers, and of course also from our exhibitors' teams. For the entire HOLZ-HANDWERK team and all the departments involved here at NürnbergMesse, the following applies: If the customers are satisfied with their participation, so are we!

What are the special challenges at HOLZ-HANDWERK?

The exhibition duo of HOLZ-HANDWERK and FENSTERBAU FRONTALE occupies the entire NürnbergMesse site every two years. On the busiest day, we recently counted over 50,000 visitors! The subject of logistics, in particular the organisation of set-up and dismantling as well as arrival and departure during the exhibition, is complex to plan and implement. Here, in cooperation with the specialist departments here at NürnbergMesse, but also, for example, together with the local police, we continue to develop the measures from event to event in order to make all processes as convenient as possible for those involved.

What images will you forever associate with HOLZ-HANDWERK?

I will never forget the rush of visitors on the morning of the first day of the fair a few years ago, when we spontaneously decided to open up the areas between the turnstiles and hall gates a few minutes before the official opening time. We had observed that even more visitors than usual had entered the entrance area at the same time and had to take preventive action. Moments like these clearly show how excellently the coordination processes at NürnbergMesse are coordinated and how important it is to be able to react spontaneously to the smallest events. This is the reason why, even after almost 20 years, trade fair work can never get boring for me!

What you probably didn't know about Stefan Dittrich:

My favourite place to travel abroad for work is ...

... India, that's for sure! The leading exhibitions INDIAWOOD, DELHIWOOD and MUMBAIWOOD, together with HOLZ-HANDWERK, form the "Woodworking Events" product family at NürnbergMesse Group. We offer entry support to our customers who have identified India as an exciting market for them. For us as employees of NürnbergMesse GmbH, the exchange with colleagues from our subsidiaries worldwide is very valuable in order to be able to advise our customers in the best possible way regarding market-specific features.

Fun Fact:
I was bitten by the trade fair bug early and have had a firm grip on it for almost 20 years now – I always say jokingly: I can't, or wouldn't want to, do anything else than trade fairs! The job is versatile and varied, no two events are the same – the Corona crisis in particular has shaped and changed our industry in the past one and a half years with an intensity and speed that I have never experienced before. We have overcome these challenges because all of us at NürnbergMesse are passionate event makers and always strive to create marketplaces for our customers to succeed in their business.

Personal motto in life and at work: In everything we do, we must never neglect to have fun!


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