Dominic Perez-Ayala: 3 Questions – 3 Facts!
6/10/2021 Interview

Dominic Perez-Ayala: 3 Questions – 3 Facts!

A portrait of the HOLZ-HANDWERK team. Today: Sales Manager Dominic Perez-Ayala

Picture Dominic Perez-Ayala Dominic Perez-Ayala has been Sales Manager at HOLZ-HANDWERK since May 2017. // © NürnbergMesse

What do you appreciate about the exhibitors and visitors at HOLZ-HANDWERK?

The dialog with our customers is always based on partnership, I would even go so far as to say amicable, and relaxed – even when things get hectic. The hands-on mentality on both sides is a lot of fun and creates a trusting relationship. We can rely on each other at all times. Everyone identifies with HOLZ-HANDWERK as the most important trade fair in Europe in the industry and enjoys working together to get the best out of every event. 

What moment during the fair do you not want to miss?

There are so many! The last hectic days before the trade show – they are the exciting culmination of long months of preparation. The sleepless night before the first day of the trade show, when the anticipation of humming machines, flying chips, the latest innovations and trends rises to immeasurable heights. Arriving at the project office in the morning and watching from there as the first exhibitors arrive at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, finally greeting the first exhibitor. And then wait together for the streams of visitors before the voice from the hall loudspeakers officially opens HOLZ-HANDWERK and the starting signal is given for four days of Discover – Experience – Do!

Away from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair: What are your favorite tasks before and after HOLZ-HANDWERK? 

Definitely: The dialog with my customers, in person or by phone! The regular exchange is important for me to stay on the ball and to know the needs of the exhibitors in order to jointly design and develop HOLZ-HANDWERK. Even if, for example, placement discussions are not always easy – finding the right solutions for my customers and also advising them on other offers, for example individual marketing solutions for the trade fair, gives me great pleasure. Away from the daily office routine, visiting competitive trade fairs provides me with inspiration and the opportunity to meet industry participants in person. Abroad, running the German Pavilions, i.e. German joint stands at other trade fairs, and participating in our sister fairs INDIAWOOD, DELHIWOOD and MUMBAIWOOD in India are numerous highlights in the annual trade fair calendar.

What you probably didn't know about Dominic Perez-Ayala:

My favorite place to travel abroad for work is...

...India, of course! Because the way of working there is very different from ours and participating in the trade fairs is always a challenge and an adventure, giving me impulses for my own work! But also personally I grow a bit more with every immersion in the Indian culture.

Fun Fact:

Participating in trade fairs has always been a highlight in my professional schedule – even in the role of exhibitor, I could never get enough of it, because the personal exchange with other industry participants was always important to me. That's probably why "trade show exhibiting" is my dream job today! 

Personal motto in life and at work: 
"Do. Or do not. There is no try." – Jedi Master Yoda



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