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  • Fixing equipment and hardware
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  • Fixing equipment and hardware
  • Woodworking machinery
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Pressurized gluing system for PVA (PVAc = polyvinyl acetate, i.e., also, water-based glue) which grants accurate glue dosing, the right glue quantity, in the correct area, covering precisely just the requested surface on any component and handwork.

The system comprises a pressurized tank (of high thickness), hose, glue gun (with adjustable glue flow and with standard pointed nozzle).

The system is under constant pressure and always ready for use.

All nozzles are interchangeable, easy and fast to attach onto the head of the glue gun, with robust threaded coupling.


For edges, surfaces, grooves or ridges, joints and profiles, biscuit or dowel connections, for the joinery, useful to implement any gluing section or station

and for any gluing operation.

Solid wood processing, panel processing, furniture manufacturing, prefabrication, cabinet shops, carpentry shops, mobile use on-site.


Fast, accurate, adjustable and clean glue application with no cleaning needs.

High quality system guarantees long service life.

Each single air charge is enough to allow to empty the entire volume of glue, even over an extended period. Complete system, always ready for use, freely and modularly expandable, easily portable.

Profitable, user-friendly, safe and professional gluing system.

Working easy and clean, reduction of the working process time, remarkable

glue-saving and quality improvement as well as a better bond of the glued part.

A clever range of solutions for the application of glues

A wide range of gluing solutions including different systems for PVA, PU, contact adhesive, both for glue extrusion and spraying. All A8, A5, A12 and A20 ranges are equipped with a glue gun, in addition a second glue gun with anatomic handgrip is available (glue quantity dispensed is regulated at both guns).

Each glue feeder can be equipped with up to three glue guns without facing any

pressure drop and with a wide range of standard nozzles and accessories.

Custom-made nozzles can be made to any specification. All nozzles are interchangeable and compatible with both standard glue guns.

Glue can be dispensed without pressure recharging. Glue can be left into the system,

if kept under pressure. Water housing for glue gun present at the side of the tank to avoid drying of glue on the head of the glue gun. Inner plastic glue container, high quality steel and stainless steel pressure tank.

Easy and minimal cleaning required only.

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