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Nedo mEsstronic 2 with Bluetooth


  • Electrical and pneumatic tools


  • Electrical and pneumatic tools
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Product information

Nedo mEsstronic 2 is the new generation of digital telescopic rules for measuring clear dimensions in interior work.


The new mEsstronic 2 features an integrated Bluetooth interface, a large illuminated display and a very robust design.


The integrated Bluetooth interface can transmit measurement values directly to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Just take a measurement and press the Bluetooth key. Your data can be saved anywhere, for example in a digital document. No special software is required for data transmission. The measurement data can be used by any app on a mobile device. The large illuminated display of the mEsstronic 2 is easy to read, even in unfavourable light conditions. The hold function lets you capture the measured value on the display. The value flashes to show activation of the hold function. A two-way bubble level integrated in the display housing facilitates measurements in both the horizontal and vertical position. The automatic shut-off prevents unnecessary discharging of the two AA batteries. With its measurement ranges of up to 3 m and up to 5 m, the new mEsstronic 2 with Bluetooth is suited for all typical measurement tasks in interior finishing.




  • Bluetooth interface for transmitting measurement values (Bluetooth 5.2 LE)
  • Simple coupling with a mobile device
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows
  • Illuminated display
  • Hold function for capturing values
  • Power supply 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries
  • Automatic shut-off after 3 minutes of non-use
  • Operating time approx. 100 h
  • Integrated bubble levels for horizontal and vertical use
  • Incl. padded carrying bag as standard
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