European Trade Fair for Machine Technology, Equipment and Supplies for the Wood Crafts

21 - 24 March 2018 // Nuremberg, Germany

DesignObjekt – ObjektDesign

Colour and light – carpenters design living spaces

This interactive special show run by woodworking organization FSH Bayern will be focusing on a very important segment for carpenters in 2016, namely drafting and designing. Those who come will discover how a specific atmosphere can be produced using colour and light, and how creative constructing and furnishing can bring customers joy. Practice-relevant tips for professionals will be provided through exhibits, photos and explanations. Advantages are gained through knowledge – so why not take the opportunity to delve into the pool of ideas being offered by ObjektDesign - DesignObjekt.

Unlike in previous years, ObjektDesign - DesignObjekt will be held in the Mitte entrance, foyer and will be open from 9:00, one hour before HOLZ-HANDWERK officially opens. Get information on services provided by industry associations, enjoy a cup of coffee in the carpenters’ bistro and collect technical information on a tour of the special show, which would be an absolute highlight right at the start of your trade fair visit.

To be more precise, you will be able to learn about colour and its influence on people, compose harmonious room settings, draft facade designs and be taught how to recognise connections between light and functionality. Collect new contacts, converse with fellow professionals, then use your newly acquired knowledge in your own business! Customers love creative carpenters with unusual ideas.

Colour is about variety and interaction. About which colours go together and which ones don’t. Designed rooms will speak a language of their own and simply speak for themselves. Relevant room layout advice centred around proportion, furniture and textiles will be coupled with the information on colour schemes, which will be featured throughout the exhibition, to provide visitors with the ammunition they need to talk confidently in fact-based sales pitches. Colour tables and guidelines will use samples, texts and application examples to explain the most important principles for carpenters in a manner that is easy to understand. A technical area will accompany the area presenting the realisation of ideas and “light from the carpenter” possibilities. Exhibits and information prepared in several formats will answer questions that most carpenters don’t know the answers to clearly and succinctly.