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19 - 22 March 2024 // Nuremberg, Germany


All business processes belong in the cloud

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When it comes to digital technologies, one of the most controversial buzzwords in the craft sector is still 'cloud computing'. While there are still many who are unfamiliar with the topic, the data cloud is becoming a major competitive advantage for smart companies. So, say goodbye to the idea that the cloud is a dangerous storm cloud. The outlook is bright to sunny.

Around one million craft enterprises in Germany communicate with customers, suppliers, partners and institutions via the internet and use corresponding services to support their business processes. With cloud computing, businesses save costs for their own server infrastructure, because instead of buying it, they simply rent the corresponding services. The software is then no longer stored on local computers, but can be used via the internet, password-protected. Basic functions of the applications and services are made available for a monthly fee; services adapted to individual use can be added. Short-term upgrading and downgrading of functions is usually possible with a click.

Who hasn't experienced those annoying "maintenance days" that temporarily paralyse the entire business? With applications from the cloud, not only are the costs for acquisition, installation and security of the software eliminated, the server operator also takes care of service, updates and the relevant security requirements.

Work networked

Fact: If you want to save costs and time and work as efficiently as possible, you need to be everywhere and well networked. And this works best with the support of the cloud. Because with it, all hosted data is available to all involved, always and everywhere. Both in the company and on the road.

Documents always accessible

Experience shows that many craftsmen take their "work" home with them in the evening or over the weekend, but then discover that documents are still missing. Shit happens. So they quickly go back to the office. Cloud-based document storage enables access to relevant data – conveniently from all end devices. Offers, invoices, reminders, even the monthly statement can be sent to the tax office via tablet or notebook. Logbook apps – managed via the cloud – simplify the chaos that often arises when documenting journeys.

Imagine that your field workers could access project-relevant data at any time via smartphone or tablet. From the construction site, from the customer, on the road. In the best case, they would be networked with the suppliers at the same time. Via apps – from construction site documentation to real-time invoicing to defect processing – orders can be processed much more smoothly and without disruptions. Via route planners, they are able to pass on customer orders in an optimal sequence. They automatically land on the employee's mobile phone or tablet, which can be located via GPS. In this way, you can also send exactly the employee to an "emergency" who is currently in the vicinity.

The cloud is the solution

If you're going to do it, do it! Cloud-based mobile time recording instead of laboriously created Excel lists, document management instead of untraceable data, customer management and customer service in real time, appointment scheduling via app, fleet management or accounting from your mobile phone, etc. All business processes belong in the cloud – without "ifs and buts"!